Brighton out in pride

Thousands took to the streets to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) pride in Brighton on Saturday.

Students and ambulance workers from the Unison union received a particularly warm reception.

The Love Music Hate Homophobia (LMHH) campaign is holding its joint tour of this summer’s Prides with the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

The response to the message—“Students and teachers to unite in pride” against homophobia, Islamophobia and the cuts­—is gaining widespread support.

Brighton Pride was also a target of protest from within. For the first time in almost 20 years there was an entry charge to the main event, leaving many workers and students without access.

Students chanted “Pride is a protest, pride not profit” and “One, two, one, two, three—we won’t pay your entrance fee.”

The LMHH/NUT tour continues in London this weekend at UK Black Pride, in Manchester on 27 August and in east London on 24 September.

Josh Hollands, joint national chair of LMHH, said, “We received another great reception at Pride and the tour is beginning to gain momentum,”

LMHH is initiating an “LGBT bloc” on the 3 September demonstration against the racist EDL in Tower Hamlets.

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